Aet Ader


Aet Ader is an architect, the co-editor of architectural publication Ehituskunst and Vice Chairman of the Union of Estonian Architects. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts and also studied in Copenhagen. Aet is one of the founders of Tallinn-based architecture bureau b210. Recently, she has been part of the Tallinn University of Technology design team for a testing tank and laboratory building in Kuressaare, and was on the curatorial team of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013: Recycling Socialism.

Housing as a private matter

Had Rem Koolhaas not gone to New York after his architectural studies and subsequently written the book Delirious New York, it is unlikely that buildings such as De Rotterdam, the CCTV headquarters in Peking and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange would have graced the world later on. Every creator is influenced by the space that he or she has experienced. Homes are the spaces in which we spend the majority of our lives. How have our home spaces affected us and our lifestyles, and shaped society in turn? Living spaces are very personal in one sense, while at the same time, one can make many generalisations from home-experiences, draw conclusions from the past and underline future potential.



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