Graeme Brooker

Middlesex University, London

Graeme Brooker is a UK-based academic, writer and designer. He is the head of the department of Fashion and Interiors at Middlesex University, London. He has written numerous books on the design of interior space, including co-authoring the highly acclaimed Rereadings (RIBA Enterprises, 2004). He is the founder and director of the charity Interior Educators (IE). His latest books include From Organisation to Decoration (with Sally Stone: Routledge 2013), The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design (with Lois Weinthal: BERG 2013) and Key Interiors Since 1900 (Laurence King 2013).

The Interior Condition: Impact & Agency

The interior is often described as a slippery subject (Hollis 2007: Edwards 2011: Rogers 2012), a suggestion manifested in the frequently expressed view that it lacks an historical, theoretical and regulatory foundation. This presentation will suggest that this fluid quality is actually the raison d’être of the subject. It posits the notion that this spatial ambiguity is fundamental to the comprehension of the interior condition. In this presentation, I will use my research and teaching to examine how Impact, defined as the process of a forceful impression, is closely related to Agency, the production of a particular interior sensibility and the basis of the Interior Condition.



◴ 16:30