Jo Van Den Berghe, PhD

LUCA Sint-Lucas, Brussels/Ghent

Architect Jo Van Den Berghe PhD teaches experimental architectural design in the experimental studio (Master 1) at the Leuven University Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels/Ghent, Belgium. He also works as a researcher and part-time professor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia and in Barcelona, Spain, in the field of Techné and Poiesis in making architecture (the poetics of making). He is a reflective practitioner/architect with critical architectural practice in Belgium.

Dark Space: Vanishing Points in Central Perspectives

Jo Van Den Berghe will begin his keynote lecture by reading from Book 4: The Book of Narratives, the fourth of the seven books that constitute his PhD. Book 4, which is written in poetic prose, is an evocative description of the ‘man-Jo’ who visits the mind of the four-year-old ‘boy-Jo’ in his discovery of spaces in his grandmother’s house.

Subsequently, Van Den Berghe will point at the factual impact this discovery of spaces has had on his own mental space, referring to Leon van Schaik’s Spatial Intelligence, Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space, Frances Yates’ The Art of Memory and going back as far as Simonides of Ceos’ (c. 556–468 BC) The Method of Loci, also adopted by Cicero as a mnemonic device that serves spatial memory and the memorisation of speech. Finally, Van Den Berghe will elaborate on how these insights have affected his work as an architect and a professor of architectural design.



◴ 15:00