Karan Grover


Karan Grover is a celebrated architect based in Gujarat. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and a graduate diploma from the Architectural Association in London. Karan’s architecture reflects his concerns for the heritage and constructed landscape of India. He has won awards in his home country as well as internationally. In 2004, he became the first architect to ever win the USGBC Platinum Award for the greenest building in the world, and single-handedly attained UNESCO support for granting World Heritage status to Champaner-Pavagadh – a 2,000-year-old buried city. The instance was the first time an individual and his NGO achieved this status for a site. He was also identified as one of the 14 most important Asian architects of the next millennium at the 1999 ROOTS exhibition in Tokyo.

Heritage & Sustainability – Redefining Culture, Respecting Tradition, Rebranding Timelessness

We design spaces and after that, the spaces influence our lives. The International Movement encouraged space as a stand-alone configuration, and designers across the world immersed themselves in modulating the spaces within architecture. However, there is a strong movement today that speaks of the “Space of Place” – a space rooted in the culture and context of the region where it belongs. The movement addresses the use of space through generations, which is usually timeless and – more importantly – sustainable.

Karan Grover will explore through 5,000 images the sustainability of heritage and cultural responses that will articulate the spaces of tomorrow, imprinting themselves on our minds for ages to come.



◴ 16:45