Liisa Poime

Liisa Põime


Liisa Põime graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in the field of interior architecture, and has worked as an interior architect at the Studio-3 bureau since 2004. Over this period, the bureau completed projects involving the Baltika Quarter, the Estonian Centre for State Forest Management headquarters, and the Estonian Embassy in Beijing, among others. The Embassy’s specialised furniture also became the focus of Põime’s master’s thesis, and was partially realised. From 2011–2014, she collaborated with interior architecture bureau Ruumilabor. At the moment, she works from home while raising her young son.

Legation Space. Estonian Space

The Estonian Embassy in Beijing was the third new embassy to be built by the Estonian state. Constructing the prominent building was a complicated process. This was partly due to the fact that it was being built in a different country, where different kinds of regulations and customs are enforced. However, the multitude of participants and opinions was also uncommon.

The Embassy’s offices, meeting rooms, living spaces, and consulate all had to be situated within the same building. The structure comprises many functions, but is more like a villa in terms of volume. Quite a number of details that are ordinary to Estonians are difficult to execute in a city the size of Beijing. The volumes are smaller, the materials unfamiliar…



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