Interior architect Evelyne Merkx set up her own design studio in 1985. Today she works under the name Merk X. She started working together with architect Patrice Girod and, in 1990, they founded Merkx+Girod architects – an office for both architecture and interior design. Their work is characterised by an analytical approach to design combined with a strong passion for detail, materials, colour, cohesion and elegance. Quality and respect for quality go hand in hand. Interventions in, for example, a monumental building can only be successful if the architect acknowledges, recognises and respects its given qualities. The added value of their work can be found in a special cohesion between architecture and interior design right from the project’s start.

Ambitious space

The extensive Dutch Council of State complex consists of a range of different buildings from various periods dating back to the 16th century; all the problems are present here that occur when different monuments are combined – varying levels, labyrinthine corridors and a lack of partitions between public and private areas. The programme includes a wealth of new architecture, the restauration of existing monuments, maintenance, new installations, renovation and newly designed interiors and landscape design. The ambition is to have both the exterior and the interior align with the grandeur and prestige of the complex’s location within the city and country.



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