Suzie Attiwill

RMIT, Melbourne

Suzie Attiwill is an associate professor in Interior design and Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching at the RMIT School of Architecture and Design. She is also Executive Editor of IDEA Journal. Attiwill holds a PhD in interior design and practices of interiorisation. Her activities currently include projects and research on Deleuzian thought, trauma, urban environments, exhibitions and writing.

Interior designing – a matter of time

Space does not exist; it is a concept. The architectural historian Adrian Forty writes that ‘space’ only entered architecture discourses in the twentieth century. In interior design, space is assumed as an enclosure, a void, as a pre-existing condition. My presentation addresses the impact of space as an actualisation of time. The Australian philosopher Elizabeth Grosz refers to Henri Bergson’s concept of duration to question the concept of ‘space as container’. She writes: “It is to refuse to conceptualise space as a medium, as a container, a passive receptacle whose form is given by its content, and instead to see it as a moment of becoming, of opening up and proliferation, a passage from one space to another, a space of change, which changes with time”.



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